Cape Cod Rental

When planning a vacation at the Cape, travelers generally worry most about Cape Cod rental accommodations for lodging. After all, a cozy place to lay one's head after a long day of fun in the sun, sand, and surf is important. There are many other rental options to consider, however, when planning a Cape Cod vacation and including some of them alongside other vacation plans may mean you can have lots more fun and pack lots less gear.

It would seem a shame to travel to a destination so heavily influenced by the sea without succumbing to its lure and taking to the waters. With the abundance of Cape Cod rental options for water activities, it's quite easy to give in to the call of the sea without owning or bringing your own watercraft to the Cape.

Some Cape Cod rental options to satisfy the sailor in you might include the rental of a small motorized boat for personal fishing, water skiing, or simply cruising around the area and taking in all the many breathtaking sights.

Sailing enthusiasts can enjoy Cape Cod rental options for sailboats that come in all sizes to accommodate sailing adventures large and small. As with motor boats, the larger ones even come with captains and crews familiar with the local waters and seafaring laws so cruising the waters surrounding the Cape can be an effortless way to enjoy the day, relaxing and being pampered as the tides roll in and as they roll out again.

Motor boats and sail boats are wonderful ways to get around the Cape but for people who want to be even closer to the water, consider the Cape Cod rental possibilities for watercrafts as small as a surfoard, kayak, or canoe. Many enthusiasts of these sports have their own equipment but it's not always convenient or realistic to travel with them. Leaving them home doesn't necessarily mean doing without these beloved activities when rentals are so handy.

Of course, not every Cape Cod rental option is related to the water but it's impossible to get too far away from the briny deep no matter where you are or what you're doing at Cape Cod. Nevertheless, there are ample opportunities to have fun on the Cape and never get your feet wet.

Consider the Cape Cod rental of a go-kart or bicycle. Rent golf clubs and enjoy the day on the golf course. There are 27 public golf courses on the Cape and lots of miniature golf courses, too.

And here's another advantage to including the full spectrum of Cape Cod rental opportunities in your vacation plans - when there is less gear to pack, there room for more clothes!

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